Tutorial: Vintage Kimono Stain Removal – Laundress Wash & Stain Bar Edition

Typically when I am trying products for stain removals, I like to have tested them a lot. I want a metric fuck ton of data to be able to provide for a product before I even think about making a tutorial about it. I need to know how it behaves. What it's good at, what … Continue reading Tutorial: Vintage Kimono Stain Removal – Laundress Wash & Stain Bar Edition

Tutorial: Vintage Kimono Stain Removal — Gentle Detergent Edition

Some time ago, I wrote up this entry covering the vinegar stain removal method. I love the vinegar method because it's damn near harmless when employed correctly. But I hate the vinegar method because it can take forfuckingever. Which isn't to say that I'm not a patient person. The nice part about it taking forever … Continue reading Tutorial: Vintage Kimono Stain Removal — Gentle Detergent Edition

A Thing I Do–Pigment Replacement

A day or so ago--or it could have been two days, what even is time--I posted the following pictures to the Global Kimono community on Facebook, and oh boy did I get the questions. I'll start with telling you what you're looking at, if you aren't part of that community or didn't see it. This … Continue reading A Thing I Do–Pigment Replacement

Tutorial–Opening & Closing A Seam

Oftentimes in conversations with other kimono enthusiasts about stain removals, the first thing I describe doing other than possibly licking a stain like a goddamn psychopath is popping open a seam to get an absorbant material between the layers. What I have neglected to do thus far, however, is actually describe my procedure for doing … Continue reading Tutorial–Opening & Closing A Seam

Antique Kougai Repair

One of my habits is to collect small damaged items, and then hoard them like the bizarre little goblin that I am until I feel knowledgeable enough to attept to repair them. This is one of those stories. -Law & Order BLNK BLNK- Over the last few days, after tackling an entire iko (kimono stand), … Continue reading Antique Kougai Repair

Tutorial–Patching A Hole

As I mentioned in my post about resizing haori, I was handed the opportunity to create another tutorial about patching a hole. Since that haori was decidedly sewn together by a...crazy person...originally, it led to some damage that I had to repair on the fabric as I removed the stitches. I'm not going to go … Continue reading Tutorial–Patching A Hole

Tutorial–Resizing Haori

Before we get into it, I want you to know that I lost my goddamn mind creating this tutorial. I picked this haori to use for this tutorial because it's one that I want to wear in the super near future, and because of my -looks down- large tracks of land, I would have needed … Continue reading Tutorial–Resizing Haori

Tutorial–Couching Repairs

Alright, buckle up, nerds. I've been driving myself absolutely insane on getting satisfactory images and video to use in this tutorial for the better part of a month now, and I gotta tell you, I absolutely suck at taking video of things I'm doing with a tripod. In the end, I had to check with … Continue reading Tutorial–Couching Repairs

Tutorial–Removing Unmovable Stains From White Silk

Okay! I was pretty wishy-washy about even trying to explain this one, because it's not easy, it's not safe, and it takes a lot of practice. But! Interest was given, and as long as I'm VERY FUCKING CLEAR about what you're getting yourself into, surely there's no harm in showing you how it's done. I'm … Continue reading Tutorial–Removing Unmovable Stains From White Silk

A Chat About Restoration Requests

I didn't plan this post, but because I've been unexpectedly popular when it comes to the restoration details, here I am! I started this blog 31 days ago, and I've already had 1500 some-odd people come and check it out. I'm floored. Thank you. I can't believe people think this is that interesting, especially considering … Continue reading A Chat About Restoration Requests