A Thing I Do–Pigment Replacement

A day or so ago--or it could have been two days, what even is time--I posted the following pictures to the Global Kimono community on Facebook, and oh boy did I get the questions. I'll start with telling you what you're looking at, if you aren't part of that community or didn't see it. This … Continue reading A Thing I Do–Pigment Replacement

Tutorial–Opening & Closing A Seam

Oftentimes in conversations with other kimono enthusiasts about stain removals, the first thing I describe doing other than possibly licking a stain like a goddamn psychopath is popping open a seam to get an absorbant material between the layers. What I have neglected to do thus far, however, is actually describe my procedure for doing … Continue reading Tutorial–Opening & Closing A Seam

A Chat About Restoration Requests

I didn't plan this post, but because I've been unexpectedly popular when it comes to the restoration details, here I am! I started this blog 31 days ago, and I've already had 1500 some-odd people come and check it out. I'm floored. Thank you. I can't believe people think this is that interesting, especially considering … Continue reading A Chat About Restoration Requests