Antique Irotomesode & Whimsical Adventures Of Shopping In USA; Photography Edition

I think that one of the most exciting things that keeps me engaged with buying kimono domestically is the fact that, as I say frequently, it really is just chaos and anarchy out here. Nobody knows how old anything is; new products are listed as ancient and legit antiques are often called 60's to 80's. … Continue reading Antique Irotomesode & Whimsical Adventures Of Shopping In USA; Photography Edition

Antique Irotomesode–Ocean Blue

Cranes In Flight Over Wild Waves Of Festive Blossoms And Decorative Boxes On Blue Silk. Welcome back to another showcase because my wrist is still fucky and I gotta tell you I am so goddamn bored. Oh my god. I'm not allowed to do anything, and I'm about as far from ambidextrous as you can … Continue reading Antique Irotomesode–Ocean Blue

Antique Irotomesode–Flashy Phoenix

Flamboyantly Colored Phoenixes In Flight Over Bright Pines And Chrysanthemums On Red Silk. I picked this piece up recently, and it's already up here because I get real goddamn excited about things that qualify as oddballs. And there's so much delightful strangeness going on with this piece that it makes me vibrate with joy. Ever … Continue reading Antique Irotomesode–Flashy Phoenix

Antique Kimono–Precious Little Details

Hanging Baskets Filled With Chrysanthemums And Adorned With Treasures On Blue Silk. I think that it is fair to say that all of my favorite kimono are oddballs. If there's something weird, unusual, or less than traditional about it, I'm all over it. The reason for this is actually rather simple: I'm fucking weird because … Continue reading Antique Kimono–Precious Little Details

Restoration In Progress–The Elephant In The Obutsudan

I have been asked a few dozen times over the years by various individuals, usually in good faith, why my lily-white ass is so interested in kimono and such. It's usually people that don't know me very well that ask that question, because if they did then they know that I'm a goddamn artist and … Continue reading Restoration In Progress–The Elephant In The Obutsudan

Taisho Irotomesode–

Soft Blue Green Crepe Silk With Blooming Spider Mums And Fans Over Flowing Water. This is a restoration that I totally failed to keep any tabs on whatsoever. I bought it, cleaned it, sewed a few panels back together, and then hung it up here to take pictures without so much as documenting a single … Continue reading Taisho Irotomesode–