Antique Irotomesode–Flashy Phoenix

Flamboyantly Colored Phoenixes In Flight Over Bright Pines And Chrysanthemums On Red Silk. I picked this piece up recently, and it's already up here because I get real goddamn excited about things that qualify as oddballs. And there's so much delightful strangeness going on with this piece that it makes me vibrate with joy. Ever … Continue reading Antique Irotomesode–Flashy Phoenix

Update: Restoration In Progress–Castles And Dreams

I'm making lots of great progress on this piece, gifted to me for restoration by Nancy from Kyoto Kimono. As predicted, most of my work is sewing. I had to wait for awhile to get the proper weight and color for threads in to get started, but now that they're here, things are going very … Continue reading Update: Restoration In Progress–Castles And Dreams

Meiji Kuromontsuki–Hidden Decadence

There are a few risks--or maybe "hazards" is a better word--when buying vintage and antique kimono domestically. You are, frequently:A. buying from someone who really doesn't know what they have, and never knew how to care for itB. buying based off of really bad photosC. cannot anticipate how they will ship it.D. ALL OF THE … Continue reading Meiji Kuromontsuki–Hidden Decadence

Meiji Furisode–Soft Ayame & …shaving?

Gentle Irises On Deep Purple Textured Silk 100 Years Old The finished piece. I actually very recently finished this old girl, considering how long I've had her. It came to me with a lot of damage--as a lot of kimonos that I buy domestically do. In fact, I bought it as an "oriental bathrobe." What … Continue reading Meiji Furisode–Soft Ayame & …shaving?