Antique Irotomesode–Flashy Phoenix

Flamboyantly Colored Phoenixes In Flight Over Bright Pines And Chrysanthemums On Red Silk. I picked this piece up recently, and it's already up here because I get real goddamn excited about things that qualify as oddballs. And there's so much delightful strangeness going on with this piece that it makes me vibrate with joy. Ever … Continue reading Antique Irotomesode–Flashy Phoenix

Taisho Kurotomesode–Sassy Birb

A Haughty Majestic Phoenix Entangled With Blooming Flowers On Black Silk. That's right, I'm calling it a birb. It's a word I use every day. I have parrots, after all. To be honest about this one, I bought it domestically in a bundle with a maru obi that I'll detail later. I wanted the obi, … Continue reading Taisho Kurotomesode–Sassy Birb

Taisho Furisode–A Lesson For Restoration, Or Adventures In Futility

Colourful Phoenix On Soft Black Silk Adorned With Flowers And Fans This kimono almost broke me. When I say that it almost broke me, I mean my spirit/heart/mind/whatever. I don't remember what this was listed as when I bought it because a huge amount of frustration and RAGE has overtaken my memories of acquisition. This … Continue reading Taisho Furisode–A Lesson For Restoration, Or Adventures In Futility