Antique Kimono–Midnight Summer

Delicate Blue And Purple Blooms With Lush Green Foliage On Sheer Midnight Silk. I didn't really intend to buy this one when I threw it on my watch list. It's not an item in need of restoration or repair of any kind, and in truth I gueesss I don't really need another summer kimono. Then … Continue reading Antique Kimono–Midnight Summer

Meiji Kuromontsuki–Hidden Decadence

There are a few risks--or maybe "hazards" is a better word--when buying vintage and antique kimono domestically. You are, frequently:A. buying from someone who really doesn't know what they have, and never knew how to care for itB. buying based off of really bad photosC. cannot anticipate how they will ship it.D. ALL OF THE … Continue reading Meiji Kuromontsuki–Hidden Decadence