Yet Another Update: “Great Big White Birds”

I wonder if to some it seems like this piece is taking a long time. To me, it feels like I'm clearing tasks pretty quickly. But I do take large breaks between the bits because my wrist occasionally threatens to leave. And since I don't need my own body parts sending me any ransom notes, … Continue reading Yet Another Update: “Great Big White Birds”

Taisho Haori–Bamboo Explosion

Vibrant Bamboo Leaves On Beautiful Teal Silk With Woven Gold Threads. Here's another piece that qualifies as a restoration that I never bothered to keep any records on. It's actually pretty safe to say that most of my older kimono qualify as that in one way or another. I usually have to clean something, remove … Continue reading Taisho Haori–Bamboo Explosion

Tutorial–Making Gold Leaf Paint

Recently I have been working hard on restoring this furisode. It's been a colossal pain in the ass with a lot of internal screaming and, when the hour is appropriate for the noise, external screaming! Which isn't to say that it's not going well. That's just how I work on things. With angst and screaming. … Continue reading Tutorial–Making Gold Leaf Paint