Experiment: Shattered Silk Into Pigment

So I have this big ass pile of shattered silk from a Taisho Era furisode laying around, staring at me in the night. Waiting for me to make a goddamn decision about what to do with it. It feels my anxiety. It feeds on my indecisive warbling, my desire to keep it just because it's … Continue reading Experiment: Shattered Silk Into Pigment

Tutorial–Making Gold Leaf Paint

Recently I have been working hard on restoring this furisode. It's been a colossal pain in the ass with a lot of internal screaming and, when the hour is appropriate for the noise, external screaming! Which isn't to say that it's not going well. That's just how I work on things. With angst and screaming. … Continue reading Tutorial–Making Gold Leaf Paint

Pentel Pocket Brush–Art Supply Test & Review

This will be my first product test and review! I would like to immediately point out that I have not been paid to do this in any manner. If I ever am paid to do these posts, I will make it very clear at the top of the review that it is a sponsored review. … Continue reading Pentel Pocket Brush–Art Supply Test & Review