Antique Kurotomesode–Parinirvana Of Sakyamuni

Your Regular Flavor Text Is In The Corner Having An Existential Crisis. This Kimono Is Chaos On Black Silk. As I lay here on the floor staring at the ceiling, filling my cheeks with air and letting it out in short squeekie puffs as though to pretend that I am a giant chipmunk because being … Continue reading Antique Kurotomesode–Parinirvana Of Sakyamuni

Update: Restoration In Progress– “Great Big White Birds”

This one is close to my heart, so of course I've been driving myself the fuck insane working very hard on it. You'll remember this furisode that I stumbled on, and today I'd like to show you some of my progress. Stain removal has been very hit and miss with this one, so it's turned … Continue reading Update: Restoration In Progress– “Great Big White Birds”

Tutorial–Making Gold Leaf Paint

Recently I have been working hard on restoring this furisode. It's been a colossal pain in the ass with a lot of internal screaming and, when the hour is appropriate for the noise, external screaming! Which isn't to say that it's not going well. That's just how I work on things. With angst and screaming. … Continue reading Tutorial–Making Gold Leaf Paint

Pentel Pocket Brush–Art Supply Test & Review

This will be my first product test and review! I would like to immediately point out that I have not been paid to do this in any manner. If I ever am paid to do these posts, I will make it very clear at the top of the review that it is a sponsored review. … Continue reading Pentel Pocket Brush–Art Supply Test & Review