Meiji Uchikake–On Calm Waters

Haze, Pine, and Flowers In Bloom Over A House On A Lake On Decadent Violet Silk. I've been quiet lately. While I don't really think that I have to justify it, seeing as how I'm the manager in this facility, I'm fucking going to anyway. My flesh prison has been misbehaving, and I've managed to … Continue reading Meiji Uchikake–On Calm Waters

Preservation In Progress: Meiji Uchikake–Majestic Minogame

As you can see, even though I do a lot of restorations, I'm using the word preservation in this title. Well! Now seems like a good time to have this conversation, because I do make a distinction between the two, and it's a good question to ask: When do I decide that the goal is … Continue reading Preservation In Progress: Meiji Uchikake–Majestic Minogame

Meiji Furisode–Soft Ayame & …shaving?

Gentle Irises On Deep Purple Textured Silk 100 Years Old The finished piece. I actually very recently finished this old girl, considering how long I've had her. It came to me with a lot of damage--as a lot of kimonos that I buy domestically do. In fact, I bought it as an "oriental bathrobe." What … Continue reading Meiji Furisode–Soft Ayame & …shaving?