Meiji Uchikake–On Calm Waters

Haze, Pine, and Flowers In Bloom Over A House On A Lake On Decadent Violet Silk.

I’ve been quiet lately. While I don’t really think that I have to justify it, seeing as how I’m the manager in this facility, I’m fucking going to anyway. My flesh prison has been misbehaving, and I’ve managed to bork up my sacroiliac joint by existing. For anyone who slept through their anatomy classes, that’s your hip joints. So for a bipedal creature such as myself, existing in an upright position can be pretty painful.

To make things more interesting, I’ve also been struggling with some very random and intense anxiety. You know, because it’s not good enough that my physical body just fucks off at times. Some traumas from my past have come out to play again, and it has not been a good time. I am getting help for all broken parts, so this is a problem that will be on its way to being solved soon enough. But when existing is physically painful accompanied at times by the feeling that if I move from my spot I will literally fucking die–weeeelll, that’s not the most productive environment, that’s for sure.

Enter this glorious uchikake (outermost piece of the bridal ensemble). If ever anyone needs to be soothed, just look at this thing and the masterful embroidery that makes it the majestic fucking beast that it is. It is worth noting that I’m forming something of a collection-withina-collection of antique uchikake, especially those from the later Meiji era. Legit:

Let it be known that this is not an addiction, I can stop any time I want, I swear. Meanwhile, the ones I haven’t taken pictures of yet are not on that list. Shut up.

I have probably said this somewhere in the neighborhood of nine billion times, but I adore things that are picturesque. That’s probably why I find myself having such the crippling addiction soft spot for antique uchikake, because they’re basically walking scenery. Look at this one; someone’s peaceful house on a lake, peeking out from clearing mist and nestled in a cluster of matsu (pine trees). It’s warm out–the flowers are blooming, and the ducks are getting ready to fuck pair off. Serenity, warmth, and partnership depicted on this majestic and near immaculate piece from the late Meiji Era.

The lovely Roza has been a great help in enabling this particular addiction; as she’s in Japan and I really wouldn’t have access to some of these without her. She reads my blog. You know all that trouble I’ve been having up there that I mentioned? She’s been monumentally helpful in keeping my head above water. I am well supported, but I’m also nocturnal. And I think that if I didn’t have her company at night here (day for her) sometimes, I would be in worse shape than I am. I’m not sure she knows how fortunate I am to have her as a friend. Fortunate enough that I’m calling her the fuck out about it. HEART EMOJI.

I am a very fortunate person and I’m surrounded by a lot of good people who keep my teeth from trying to reach their way around and eat my brain.


There wasn’t really very much for me to fix on this piece. A few out of place couching threads, and a few minor spots. I straightened the threads and I took the very slightest approach with vinegar to the spots to see if they would lift. Two of them did, the others faded and I’m not going to go much further than that in removals. I’m gonna be honest, I have to have this thing two inches in front of my goddamn face to see the little fuckers to begin with, I just don’t think that it’s worth the time or the risk chasing perfect under those circumstances. If my fucking eagle eyes can’t see it at a distance, then if anyone else can then they’re too close, and we all know my opinions on that. -Bear mace-

Now to the fun stuff. The fucking shishu (embroidery) on this piece is legitimately heart-stopping. I’m dead.

BYE–no really. The mastery in color changes and shading done in motherfucking threads is just inspiring, and if you’ve been reading this literal wall of word vomit that I’m throwing at you carefully, I needed that! Look at this fucking lily (yuri) and tell me you don’t wanna shove it right the fuck in your mouth because it’s literally candy:

Pictured: -HOUMF-

And if that isn’t delectable enough for you, consider this botan (peony) and hibiscus (I don’t know the Japanese for that one).

You know those taste like strawberries or some shit. You know, the good Starbursts that you eat first. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ma floss my fucking teeth with these ayame (irises)

Pictured: The importance of dental hygiene.

As an aside that I didn’t know where else to throw in: this kimono was a bitch to photograph because the embroidery is all the correct colors, but the actual body of the kimono is not quite. It’s closer to a warmer purple in person. Because the embroidery was so spot on, I made the decision not to do much in terms of color correction. It looks looks a little blue in these pictures, but it’s not.

Join me next time when I have no idea what I’ll be doing because I’m a goddamn mess lately, but I think I’m done freezing in chairs doing nothing for several hours at a time at least. We’ll see. Also. In relation to the thing that came crawling out of my head that put me in this position–if you’re feeling alone, know that there’s help out there. You’re not alone. It’s literally impossible, there’s eight billion humans on this rock flying through space. And we’re all a little fucky. We’re all imperfect meatbags doing whatever we can until we die. Just be the best meatbag you can be. I see you. You’re enough. You’re worthy.


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