What’s The Damage? Antique Ro Nadeshiko Furisode

As I sit here on the floor, typing this entry out on my phone, rubbing my temples near violently to chase the pain away...I can't help but feel my heart being pulled in two opposite directions. Inside me are two deeply disturbed beavers wolves. One wishes with its whole being to be gentle and understanding. … Continue reading What’s The Damage? Antique Ro Nadeshiko Furisode

Antique Kimono–Summer Breeze

Late Summer Flowers In Full Bloom On Deep Plum Silk Gauze. As I type this, it is a balmy 1°F/-17°C here in my neck of the American Midwest, and boy does it make me feel the need to break out my summer attire! Haha! I'm freezing, everything is terrible. Hell is cold feet. I love … Continue reading Antique Kimono–Summer Breeze