Antique Furisode–Candy Cranes

Majestic Cranes In Flight With Royal Carts And Candy Sweet Flowers On Soft Green Silk. Tonight on bad titles, if they can thaw Mariah Carey's ass out to have her howl about how she wants this sweet ass for Christmas starting on November the 1st, then I can make a really stupid seasonal candy pun … Continue reading Antique Furisode–Candy Cranes

Antique Kimono–Precious Little Details

Hanging Baskets Filled With Chrysanthemums And Adorned With Treasures On Blue Silk. I think that it is fair to say that all of my favorite kimono are oddballs. If there's something weird, unusual, or less than traditional about it, I'm all over it. The reason for this is actually rather simple: I'm fucking weird because … Continue reading Antique Kimono–Precious Little Details

Taisho Houmongi–Nostalgic Rhythms

Festive Hand Drums On Black Woven Silk. Today I get to talk about one of my favourite features of vintage kimono: rinzu. Rinzu is the term for woven patterns in the silk. Think of it as jacquard or damask. A soft shimmer of traditional patterns embellished all over the body of the kimono, oftentimes a … Continue reading Taisho Houmongi–Nostalgic Rhythms