Antique Furisode–Candy Cranes

Majestic Cranes In Flight With Royal Carts And Candy Sweet Flowers On Soft Green Silk. Tonight on bad titles, if they can thaw Mariah Carey's ass out to have her howl about how she wants this sweet ass for Christmas starting on November the 1st, then I can make a really stupid seasonal candy pun … Continue reading Antique Furisode–Candy Cranes

Taisho Irotomesode–

Soft Blue Green Crepe Silk With Blooming Spider Mums And Fans Over Flowing Water. This is a restoration that I totally failed to keep any tabs on whatsoever. I bought it, cleaned it, sewed a few panels back together, and then hung it up here to take pictures without so much as documenting a single … Continue reading Taisho Irotomesode–