Antique Haori–Summer Music

Warm Hued Black Silk Gauze Internally Painted With Drums And Weeping Willow. Did you see it? The sun! The goddamn sun was out today! And we edge ever closer to springtime here in the US Midwest. It's currently the proper mud season, but it's trying to be warm and so here I am, continuing my … Continue reading Antique Haori–Summer Music

Taisho Houmongi–Nostalgic Rhythms

Festive Hand Drums On Black Woven Silk. Today I get to talk about one of my favourite features of vintage kimono: rinzu. Rinzu is the term for woven patterns in the silk. Think of it as jacquard or damask. A soft shimmer of traditional patterns embellished all over the body of the kimono, oftentimes a … Continue reading Taisho Houmongi–Nostalgic Rhythms