Antique Irotomesode & Whimsical Adventures Of Shopping In USA; Photography Edition

I think that one of the most exciting things that keeps me engaged with buying kimono domestically is the fact that, as I say frequently, it really is just chaos and anarchy out here. Nobody knows how old anything is; new products are listed as ancient and legit antiques are often called 60's to 80's. … Continue reading Antique Irotomesode & Whimsical Adventures Of Shopping In USA; Photography Edition

Abused Antique Tansu Round Two: Electric Boogaloo

So. We left off last time with a delightful trip into respiratory distress lacquer thinner hell blue-grey shabby chic fuckery removing the shell from the upper portion of the tansu. For a quick recap, here: Cleared off the shit paint without managing to damage my teeth from all of the fucking clenching, restored the locks, … Continue reading Abused Antique Tansu Round Two: Electric Boogaloo

Antique Maru Obi–Summer Snow

Stylish Snow Crystal Rings With Regal Carts And Tranquil Watersides On Airy Cream Silk. Before I get started, I'd like to point out that one of my favorite parts of writing each entry is coming up with the little italicized flavor text up there. Because I always want to write it out in a somewhat … Continue reading Antique Maru Obi–Summer Snow

Restoration In Progress–Antique Small Tansu

I'm currently in a state of limbo with several projects where I'm either waiting for something to dry, waiting on materials, or it's just a big project and I'm spending a few hours a week on it and it'll be done when it's done. Fight me. But since I am not currently out of space, … Continue reading Restoration In Progress–Antique Small Tansu

Antique Haori-Springtime Snowflakes

Deep Dark Plum Silk Adorned With Iris And Bamboo Inside Stylized Snow Rings. This is one of my many pieces that I struggle to date properly when it comes to placing it squarely in an era. Women's haori are delightful little jackets, and traditionally speaking are informal to begin with (unlike men's haori but that's … Continue reading Antique Haori-Springtime Snowflakes