Abused Antique Tansu Round Two: Electric Boogaloo

So. We left off last time with a delightful trip into respiratory distress lacquer thinner hell blue-grey shabby chic fuckery removing the shell from the upper portion of the tansu. For a quick recap, here: Cleared off the shit paint without managing to damage my teeth from all of the fucking clenching, restored the locks, … Continue reading Abused Antique Tansu Round Two: Electric Boogaloo

Taisho Era Kyodai–Restoration Complete

I took a step back after every piece of hardware was fitted, everything was right, tight, and anything that was mobile was moving as it was supposed to be. Is there anything else? Did I miss something? Did a shitty paintbrush drop a hair in the varnish again? Did I accidentally scratch the surface again … Continue reading Taisho Era Kyodai–Restoration Complete

Restoration In Progress–Taisho Era Kyodai

I started this journey looking for a haribako--a sewing box. You see, right now I'm using a tackle box, and it's fine I guess, but as my collection of silk threads, couching threads, needles, and other such repair items for my antique kimono repairs gets larger and larger, it's starting to be a massive pain … Continue reading Restoration In Progress–Taisho Era Kyodai

Lazy Saturday Afternoon Restoration

Today I received this absolutely delightful wood temple model that was a bit dirty and in need of some gentle repairs. It came to me in a few pieces, but the pieces are whole, and the areas they separated are just where the glue has failed. Now, I realise I don't know a whole fuck … Continue reading Lazy Saturday Afternoon Restoration