Taisho Komon–Bog Witch

Misty Silhouettes Of Bamboo Leaves And Blood Red Dragonflies On Sheer Black Silk. I'm going to take a pretty big risk here. I'm going to open this giant, gaping hole in the center of my face, and I'm going to challenge the Old Gods at their game, and possibly summon their wrath to my back … Continue reading Taisho Komon–Bog Witch

Taisho Era Houmongi-Sasa Sunset Fire

Flaming Red Silhouettes Of Bamboo Stalks And Leaves On Decadent Silk. This week has been kind of wet and miserable, so I've taken some time to start photographing some of my absolute favorite "full kimono" pieces in my collection; meaning pieces that aren't a jacket (haori, douchugi, michiyuki). I'd also like to point out that … Continue reading Taisho Era Houmongi-Sasa Sunset Fire

Taisho Era Kyodai–Restoration Complete

I took a step back after every piece of hardware was fitted, everything was right, tight, and anything that was mobile was moving as it was supposed to be. Is there anything else? Did I miss something? Did a shitty paintbrush drop a hair in the varnish again? Did I accidentally scratch the surface again … Continue reading Taisho Era Kyodai–Restoration Complete

Restoration in Progess–What Even Is This?

Can you just feel the confidence spewing from me in that title? Well, I'm honest if nothing else. What I do know about this thing is that it's big, it's amazing, it's beautiful, it needs repaired, and that I absolutely had to have it. What I don't know about it is...well, just what in the … Continue reading Restoration in Progess–What Even Is This?

Taisho Haori–Bamboo Explosion

Vibrant Bamboo Leaves On Beautiful Teal Silk With Woven Gold Threads. Here's another piece that qualifies as a restoration that I never bothered to keep any records on. It's actually pretty safe to say that most of my older kimono qualify as that in one way or another. I usually have to clean something, remove … Continue reading Taisho Haori–Bamboo Explosion

Restoration In Progress–The Elephant In The Obutsudan

I have been asked a few dozen times over the years by various individuals, usually in good faith, why my lily-white ass is so interested in kimono and such. It's usually people that don't know me very well that ask that question, because if they did then they know that I'm a goddamn artist and … Continue reading Restoration In Progress–The Elephant In The Obutsudan

Antique Haori-Springtime Snowflakes

Deep Dark Plum Silk Adorned With Iris And Bamboo Inside Stylized Snow Rings. This is one of my many pieces that I struggle to date properly when it comes to placing it squarely in an era. Women's haori are delightful little jackets, and traditionally speaking are informal to begin with (unlike men's haori but that's … Continue reading Antique Haori-Springtime Snowflakes

Antique Kimono–Purple Bamboo

Haha! Hi! I've been sick. Happily, it's not the plague-du-jour, and it also wasn't something contagious. It was just my shitty, shitty body having a hissy fit over god knows what. It's done now. I haven't updated in a week. Ugh. The worse news is that I also haven't been able to do very much … Continue reading Antique Kimono–Purple Bamboo