Meiji Takarabune Uchikake–Restoration Complete

Decadently Woven Black Silk Adorned With Gilded Cranes In Flight Over Treasure Ships. In three days, I will have had this kimono for an entire year. And as a delightful songwriter once crooned, when it comes to this piece, the waiting was the hardest part. Nevermind that I had to sit here and scream at … Continue reading Meiji Takarabune Uchikake–Restoration Complete

Restoration In Progress–Meiji Takarabune Uchikake

Pictured: OHMIGOD OHMIGOD OHMIGOD OHMIGOD Or at least I think it's an uchikake. I'm actually not fully sure. I rarely get to handle uchikake this old to begin with, and this will be the first that I own if that's what it is. I know that older ones tend to be structurally different than the … Continue reading Restoration In Progress–Meiji Takarabune Uchikake