Restoration Complete: Great Grandma Akiye’s Furisode. “Great Big White Birds”

A Flock Of Doves In Flight Over Wild Waves And Majestic Gold And Silver Pine On Decadent Red Silk. On July the 24th, 2021 I posted this entry, after a bloody and violent bidding war for this kimono. For those joining this story here are the end, this is a piece that has been lost … Continue reading Restoration Complete: Great Grandma Akiye’s Furisode. “Great Big White Birds”

Antique Uchikake–A Whole Flock Of Tsuru

A Flock Of Cranes In Flight Over Full Pine Trees And Wild Waves On Smooth Black Silk. Oh look. I have another one of these all of a sudden. You're shocked. I'm shocked. We're all just really fucking shocked about this, aren't we? I don't have a problem. It's not like I'm over here snorting … Continue reading Antique Uchikake–A Whole Flock Of Tsuru

Meiji Takarabune Uchikake–Restoration Complete

Decadently Woven Black Silk Adorned With Gilded Cranes In Flight Over Treasure Ships. In three days, I will have had this kimono for an entire year. And as a delightful songwriter once crooned, when it comes to this piece, the waiting was the hardest part. Nevermind that I had to sit here and scream at … Continue reading Meiji Takarabune Uchikake–Restoration Complete

Antique Komon–Juicy Purple Waves

Wild Crashing Waves On Sheer Woven Deep Purple Silk. Today was hot and humid. I think it's been a pretty standard August here in Chicagoland so far, in spite of the weather being insane in other places. Although, sometimes the air quality isn't great because of the smoke blowing over us from both the West … Continue reading Antique Komon–Juicy Purple Waves

Taisho Kuromontsuki–Dancing Koi

Vibrant Carp Jumping In Wild Waves On Black Sheer Woven Silk. Today is a little different, even though it's really not because I don't think I've actually had this blog long enough to have established any patterns. I'm working on a tutorial for resizing haori, and in the meantime I was posting pictures of my … Continue reading Taisho Kuromontsuki–Dancing Koi

Restoration In Progress–Meiji Takarabune Uchikake

Pictured: OHMIGOD OHMIGOD OHMIGOD OHMIGOD Or at least I think it's an uchikake. I'm actually not fully sure. I rarely get to handle uchikake this old to begin with, and this will be the first that I own if that's what it is. I know that older ones tend to be structurally different than the … Continue reading Restoration In Progress–Meiji Takarabune Uchikake

Taisho Furisode–Sweet Candy Colours

Black Silk With Sugar Sweet Flowers And Cranes In Flight "How many of these do you have?" I hear them asking me, their faces stricken with nervous half smiles, teetering between delight and concern. Haha! Oh, we haven't even gotten started yet. I am doing these in chunks by date-ish and then type sort of. … Continue reading Taisho Furisode–Sweet Candy Colours

Taisho Furisode–Red Cranes & Waves

Red Silk Adorned With Cranes In Flight Over Wild Waves This is a delightful Taisho Era furisode, which I believe to have originally been a part of a San-Mai-Gasane, which is a set of three near identically patterned bridal furisode. I have only really seen pictures of sets with all three together, and the ones … Continue reading Taisho Furisode–Red Cranes & Waves