Antique Kimono–Spring Green Roses

Vibrant Peach Roses In Full Bloom On Muted Green Textured Silk. It's only a day into winter, and I'm over here thinking about spring. I actually don't necessarily prefer one season over another in terms of themes. But hell is cold feet, and although I am basically nocturnal to begin with, I have the audacity … Continue reading Antique Kimono–Spring Green Roses

Antique Houmongi–Violet Roses

Deep Intense Purple Silk Adorned With Bright Roses And Peonies. I think probably the fastest way to get me to spend money on something is to have it be just the right shades of purple. I'm not sure I'd call this one a restoration in fairness, but I would call it a shitshow an adventure … Continue reading Antique Houmongi–Violet Roses

Antique Haori–Warm Roses & Ivy

Dusky Black Woven Silk With Sweet Blooming Roses And Climbing Ivy Leaves Pictured: Restoration Complete If you have been following along, then you might recognize this haori from this post. The restoration is complete! While she is not perfect, the fading is under control, the goddamn Sharpie has been removed, and she has been completely … Continue reading Antique Haori–Warm Roses & Ivy