Antique Kimono–Dusky Skies & Bright Blossoms

Sunset Orange Peony In Full Bloom On Smooth Patterned Lavender Silk. I had actually been stalking this one for awhile. I'm going to stick with the word stalking because anything gentler might not make me come off as slightly unhinged, and I wouldn't want to lie to you about what kind of person I am. … Continue reading Antique Kimono–Dusky Skies & Bright Blossoms

Taisho Furisode–Cranes & Pine

Cranes In Flight Over Soft Glowing Pine And Ivy On Black Silk. This is a rather recent addition to my collection. It was meant to be another potential project, as I had purchased it domestically and the seller photos were a bit vague. So I was prepared for weirdness, but actually she's in really good … Continue reading Taisho Furisode–Cranes & Pine

Antique Haori–Warm Roses & Ivy

Dusky Black Woven Silk With Sweet Blooming Roses And Climbing Ivy Leaves Pictured: Restoration Complete If you have been following along, then you might recognize this haori from this post. The restoration is complete! While she is not perfect, the fading is under control, the goddamn Sharpie has been removed, and she has been completely … Continue reading Antique Haori–Warm Roses & Ivy