Tutorial–Removing Unmovable Stains From White Silk

Okay! I was pretty wishy-washy about even trying to explain this one, because it's not easy, it's not safe, and it takes a lot of practice. But! Interest was given, and as long as I'm VERY FUCKING CLEAR about what you're getting yourself into, surely there's no harm in showing you how it's done. I'm … Continue reading Tutorial–Removing Unmovable Stains From White Silk

Taisho Furisode–Cranes & Pine

Cranes In Flight Over Soft Glowing Pine And Ivy On Black Silk. This is a rather recent addition to my collection. It was meant to be another potential project, as I had purchased it domestically and the seller photos were a bit vague. So I was prepared for weirdness, but actually she's in really good … Continue reading Taisho Furisode–Cranes & Pine