What’s The Damage? Fowl Play–Featuring A Conversation About Western Market Insanity

Aaaaaand there ain't no party like a peacock party because the peacock party don't stop! You know what my favorite thing about this antique hikifurisode (a furisode meant to trail) is? The process of purchasing it was basically surrounded by enough misconceptions about kimono to fill a bingo card. Let's go over some of them. … Continue reading What’s The Damage? Fowl Play–Featuring A Conversation About Western Market Insanity

Antique Furisode–Peonies & Peafowl

Vibrant Blooming Flowers And Colorful Peacocks On Black Silk. I bought this kimono just before the 5th year anniversary of my father's death. That's right, it's my fill the void kimono. I'm not really sure what kind of void I'm filling, though. That shit's complicated and weird, and that's not what we're here for. Why … Continue reading Antique Furisode–Peonies & Peafowl

Restoration Complete: Taisho Furisode–Classy Peacocks

Peafowl In Courtship Dance On Bright Red Silk With Peonies And Butterflies. This restoration was pretty much the smoothest, least complicated restoration I've ever done. The stains were mostly things that could be scraped off with a fingernail, and what couldn't be was wiped away pretty easily. The fabric is in excellent shape, so re-sewing … Continue reading Restoration Complete: Taisho Furisode–Classy Peacocks

Restoration In Progress–Taisho Peacock Furisode

This furisode is so screaming red, that if you look at it for too long in bright light and then look at a white wall, nothing happens. But I had you for a second, didn't I? Another adventure in buying domestically, I think I probably paid too much for this one. But it's so rare … Continue reading Restoration In Progress–Taisho Peacock Furisode

Taisho/Showa Furisode–The “Crown Jewel”

A Proud Peacock In Flight Over Crashing Waves & Snowy Mountains The finished piece. I often refer to this piece as my "crown jewel." And that's actually not because of its classy-AF colours and themes, it's because it took me two years to restore it. I also refer to this furisode as the piece that … Continue reading Taisho/Showa Furisode–The “Crown Jewel”