What’s The Damage? The Ballad Of Stankizuri

Were starting off the new year strong, my friends. I've made three recent purchases and all three of them have found a way to make my brain do somersaults. So buckle up, chucklefucks. You know, sometimes my favorite thing to do is drive myself completely no-turning-back-insane by buying things just because they look weird to … Continue reading What’s The Damage? The Ballad Of Stankizuri

Antique Hikizuri–Willow & Water Wheel

Peaceful Willow Branches Over Running Water On Black Silk. Story time. A few days ago, I was clicking mindlessly through my usual kimono-buying haunts. You know, just seeing what's good, what's interesting, what's new, and perhaps what's mislabeled for my grubby little claws. I ran into this one with just a frontal picture. It also … Continue reading Antique Hikizuri–Willow & Water Wheel