Poll–Do You Want To Watch This Happen?

Aside from direct stain removal advice, the number one thing that ends up in my inbox is some variant of this question:

Do you have/why don’t you have/can you link your videos/YouTube?

And my answer is typically because I don’t have a YouTube, I don’t want to appear in front of a camera, and because you touch yourself at night that’s a time commitment I wasn’t sure I had in me to begin with. I’m still not. But here I am, starting to engage more with my community, and I’m getting that question more and more.

So, awhile ago, the fabulous Roza actually proposed the idea of having small video streams of the work I do in kind of a “hanging out” vibe. Camera on the task, just chatting with the humans who want to see it happen. I would probably do this usually for kinsai and ginsai replacement or pigment replacement, but I could probably manage to do other stuff, too. The question is if it’s worth the time and monetary commitment I would have to make.

You have probably noticed in getting here from wherever it was linked to you that it says “My blog is not monetized in any way.” This is true. In fact, I pay to make sure there aren’t even any ads to bother you. There’s no donate button, there’s no store. I’m not out here trying to make this into a hustle. I do it for the love of art and because I am arguably insane. And I wouldn’t monetize any streaming, either.

So here I am asking you all what you want. Would this interest you? Would you come hang out with me while I slap shit back together for a few hours every now and then?

Let me see where this stands, and if there’s enough of a demand for it, then I’ll get the process rolling.

7 thoughts on “Poll–Do You Want To Watch This Happen?

  1. I’m in the maybe category. Sometimes I’ll tune into a stream like that for background noise and video, but it’s not the most common thing. And on your end, I kinda feel like it’s not worth it unless you’re making at least a little money off it. Streaming is time-consuming work and the equipment for it isn’t cheap either. Unless it’s just something you’re really dead set on doing, I probably wouldn’t?


    1. I’m in the rare category here where money doesn’t matter very much as long as I don’t go insane with stuff. But getting some lights and equipment isn’t a problem, and if I end up not using them very much I can always give them to someone who will.

      I’m trying to get a feel for interest because my own instincts on it are, frankly, absolute shit. You see, I was sure no one would read the blog at all except family when I started it, I just wanted to do something for me, and now here I am with emails every day and it’s only March and I’m already at 50% of last YEAR’S total views. Soooo, apparently this is more interesting than I thought. 🤣


  2. Yes, I would come out and hang with you because I’m retired – and as long as I can replay/restream during the daylight hours. But please only do it because you want to, and not because your viewers want you to. Take care of yourself first.

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  3. I would love to watch you work! A peek behind the curtain type videos can be very relaxing to watch. I wouldn’t want you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, but the results of your work are so amazing, it would be a real privilege to watch it all happen. Thank you for considering it!
    Ann Blackie


  4. I’ll ditto what Susie Rogowski says about watching recordings and DEF taking care of yourself first! So at whatever your comfort level is THANK YOU for sharing your experience and knowledge. I’ve learned a TON about taking care of my kimono from you.


  5. You are the reason why I took the plunge on buying imperfect second hand kimono. The ability to resolve most stains without shipping it to Japan or trusting a dry cleaning facility (not) is simply amazing.


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