Antique Repair–Haribako

The only reason you’re hearing about this at all is because I have exceptionally poor impulse control. You know what I thought? I thought: I’lL bUy ThIs To FiX iT uP aNd ThEn SeLl It!!1 Because I got it for dirt cheap, and if I had stuck to that idea, it would never have made it here, because I do not showcase things I sell. Ever. I don’t really sell things, either, I don’t make a business of this. But you know, it arrived, and fuck it. Fuck it all. I’m going to keep it. MINE.

So here’s this beautiful little shit, and I love her. I have no idea what year is from exactly, as the seller only referred to it as “Showa.” The Showa Era was December the 26th, 1926 until January the 7th, 1989. My ass was born in the Showa Era. So suffice to say, referring to something as “Showa” is not specific. My research puts me guessing around the mud 30’s to 40’s.

As the title suggests, this is a “Haribako,” or a sewing box. As some of you know, I already have a haribako. This one is bigger. See?

Pictured: ALSO MINE

This new one is built differently, too. Rather than having that little arm, it has a flip top. And inside, it looks like this:

Pictured: I’M INSIDE IT.

It has a needle box that slides around on a track in a larger box. That little block with the hole in it slips into a slot that allows it to hold the lid up. These little compartments come out, and there’s a hidden compartment too!

I’ve got some shit to clean up, and I’ve also got some movement back in my wrist! So I’m pretty much going to get started right away. Now, let’s go over the damage! As far as structural issues go, it doesn’t really have any. No major nicks, dents, or gouges. It does, however, have a crap ton of lacquer damage, including paint on it. Behold:

There’s a little slot there, too, which I think is for a ruler that is not present.

So there’s a lot of lacquer thinner and sanding in my future. This is more exciting to me than it should be. I’ll just have to threaten my wrist into submission be careful, as I’ve only just started to really heal up. I will also need to address the gunk on the hardware.

Pictured: GUNK

Legit, that’s not rust. Pretty much right after I took these pictures, I gave the whole thing a quick wash. Just mild soap and warm water for items like this to remove surface grime–lacquer thinner is for later. This thing was pretty filthy, actually. But all of the hardware is in good repair, so it’s not too much of a concern. My biggest challenge is going to be the bamboo inlay, because it’s chipped all to fuck.

Pictured: to fuck.

I don’t actually know what in the blue fuck I’m going to do about that. Do they make mother of pearl veneers? Guess I’m about to find out. But the colors hiding behind the dirty lacquer are amazing.

It looks delicious. Mark these words: I will find a way stick this in my mouth. I’ll regret it immediately. I will have learned nothing. Not a damn thing.

Join me next time, when l be picking abalone shell out of my teeth and screaming at my flesh prison for existing!


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