Update: Restoration In Progress–Velcro Dreams & Kinsai Wishes

-Deep inhale-


Tonight I needed a distraction, so I finished the kinsai work on this piece. And let me tell you, as much as I’ve threatened to burn the house down with this project, I’m pretty goddamn pleased with myself right now. Here are some shots of the the restored kinsai work.

Stain removal is complete. It’s not perfect, but you never want to risk the integrity of the fabric to chase perfect. Many of the spots are gone, but at least all of them are lightened.

Kinsai work is complete. No arson required.

Next I’ll be reaffixing the couching that has come loose. After that, we stitch her back up and she’s done. We’re in the home stretch.

A full post about my experience with the stain removal process, and some snags I ran into and how I dealt with them, will be following when she gets an official showcase post.

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