So I Started A Blog…

Most of you reading this came here from my Facebook page (not linked) and know me personally, and I’d like to take a moment to express a stupid amount of gratitude for following me here. I’m kind of blown away at how many people I knew who had any interested in the things I do…particularly these things! Warm fuzzies all around!

S0! Welcome! It’s a work in progress, still. I’ve got lots of things to add and lots of things I’m still deciding on whether or not I want to include here. I’m not particularly interested in trying to capitalize on my passions at the moment. I mean hey, if eventually I make a buck off of doing neat stuff with my fun things, then great. But the point of this blog/website/whimsical fuckery is actually just to share my passions with my people, and whoever else might be passing by.

What will I be covering on this blog?

For now, I’m keeping it to these categories:
1.) Vintage and antique Japanese kimono and kitsuke show and restoration.
2.) Illustration and art supply demonstration and review.
3.) Writing; specifically, the “Bones” in the Silk & Bones title. (You’ll see.)

I’m excited. And terrified. In a word: Tercitefied. So…uh…here we go, I guess?

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